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She speaks as if she just thought of something, letting the listener feel as if they are being let in on a big secret.

Talking to her is like talking to your best friend — if your best friend was one of the coolest up-and-coming actresses around.

I thought I was too old for online dating and didn’t even know where to start. Easily the best online dating profile writing service I've found.

I used the VIPimp service and couldn’t believe how much of a difference the advice from Gilly made to my online dating success. I don't know how after having an hour long conversation with me you managed to capture the essence of who I am and what I am looking for but you did.

I blame all the stars in my eyes.) Below you’ll find a list of the elements I found most forceful (Editor’s Note: Oof.) for a Star Wars first-timer. I didn’t realize that he was James Earl Jones, a.k.a. the animated lion who informed all noble ideals of my youth.

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And she talks about dating as a young person in Hollywood, which apparently is a lot like dating as a young person outside of Hollywood. How could I hate the reincarnation of the king that defined the circle of life? “There are alternatives to fighting”; “Stretch out with your feelings”; and “You must do what you feel is right” are just good sense for any happy couple. The SW galaxy has a proliferation of non-human species dispersed among humans—which was excellent—and it even seemed like they got their own bar, which sits alongside Jurassic Park at the top of my fictional vacay list. The film did nothing to clear up that mystery for me. I was originally worried that Leia would be the traditional damsel in distress—and I was never happier to be wrong. Having attended New York Comic-Con, I’ve seen C-3POs galore IRL.

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