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09-Feb-2017 11:43

In addition, Chang returns to Greendale as "Kevin" suffering from amnesia (or "Changnesia"), which upsets Dean Pelton.Jeff reunites with his father and meets his half brother.Jeff competes to earn the group places in the over-booked "History of Ice Cream" class, while Abed struggles with the inevitable end of their time at Greendale, causing him to enter a mental "happy place" which shows bizarre alternative versions of Greendale. After Pierce locks himself inside the panic room of his mansion, he calls on the study group to find the code that will unlock the room and let him out.The group searches the dark, scary mansion for the code, uncovering all sorts of secrets and oddities along the way.

Abed meets a fellow fan named Toby (guest star Matt Lucas), who causes a rift in Troy and Abed's friendship.Regardless, I thought it was a beautiful scene and one that finally acknowledged how much Jeff has fallen in love with Annie. :) (I also loved how Jeff quoted Annie from an earlier season-The heart wants what it wants.) I don't think it's the end. Jeff was more emotional than we've ever seen him, and all because he'd tried so hard to put aside his feelings for Annie, for so long.