Dating a cougar

03-Feb-2017 13:08

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My advice to anyone looking to date an older woman would be to make sure you have your sh-t together, because no woman wants a man who isn't trying to accomplish anything or living off someone else.Did going to counseling really make a difference in your relationship?Want to know the quickest way in a budding relationship to send a man running in the opposite direction?

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Well, I don’t know what kind of shit Cadwallader was into, but old Ben recommended marriage as a remedy for these urges, arguing that man and woman together make a complete being, and that a married man is more content and likely to succeed.Cougars are gaining in popularity -- particularly the true hotties -- as young men find not only a sexual high, but many times a chick with her shit together.Lucia, internationally known dating and relationship expert, television personality, author, and keynote speaker, joins our show today!I've felt this way about older women since I can remember.

In sixth grade, for example, I had a crush on a girl in the eighth grade.

Back then, a two-year age difference was a decade age difference.