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- i'm cooking 3 by the way, i always thought it would be amazing to have twins, but they don't run in either of our families, oh I both made jokes about twins but never in a million years expected 3 I'm guessing from the fact this thread started in October they weren't expecting twins.Congrats on your 3 Jenni - there area few triplet mums on some of the other forums though I'm not sure there are on here.At this time, when much of the rest of southern England was largely covered by woodland, the chalk downland in the area of Stonehenge may have been an unusually open landscape.It is possible that this is why it became the site of an early Neolithic monument complex.

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Never dreamed that on the 12 week scan we would be proved right - especially since we didn't think there were twins in our families. The tiredness has been off the scale since what must have been week 1.

BMI The Ridgeway Hospital in Swindon, Wiltshire is part of BMI Healthcare, Britain's leading provider of independent healthcare with a nationwide network of hospitals clinics performing more complex surgery than any other private healthcare provider in the country.