Rowupdating in gridview in

28-May-2016 22:21

Hello Hermann, I am afraid it is not possible to change the editor's value in the Row Validating or Row Updating event handler. New Values["Field Name"] arriving Row Inserting are the unchanged values.

Please clarify why you want to accomplish this task. Have I to something else to accept the new values ?

It is possible that we can suggest appropriate an solution for your scenario. Thanks oh sorry, I've readed that is not possible in Row Validating. in Row Inserting this new value is not shown in the gridview row when I stop the insert process by setting e.

Thanks, Marion Thank you Marion, I want to do round an amount value if this value not is many times the package size - automatically - after the user accept the row and before I send the row to server. Edit Item Template's editor, you can get its reference via ASPx Grid View. Cancel = true; Hello Hermann, Can you please describe your scenario in greater detail?

Row Index; If i enter the value of datakeynames new string[] then it is showing the error as Data Binding: ' System. Data Row View' does not contain a property with the name 'new string[] '.

I have the following code below in my Grid View1_Row Updating event. Maybe after midnight today, or sometime this weekend. When I go to configure the datasource for my Object Data Source, on my first screen where I designate the business object, my dropdownlist is blank. Turns out getting the DAL, BLL, and the Object Data Souce in place, did the trick. Tracing the code, using both methods above, the value of the textbox is not being passed back; it doesn't appear in the newvalues either.

I do have a Update Products method in my business logic class which is ties into the data class. Once I got that in place, the dropdownlist populated. I haven't had many problems with gridview, but this one has thrown me.

I connect to my database and gave it a SELECT query and it works fine. Grid View Edit Event Args) Handles GV_Student Record.