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23-Jun-2016 03:24

“It’s like prison culture, in that they have no choice but to have sex with other men.

It’s just a physical act; it’s not about being ‘gay.’ “Before I left the UK, I was given a list of protocols: Never be rude to police, always carry ID. “There was a waiter in the hotel from the Philippines, a very delicate looking guy, he could almost pass as being a girl. My colleague said this was guy was a regular ‘escort.’ Despite the promising job, his experience led to him to curtail his work in Riyadh. And they will pay generously to satiate a sexual desire. I ended up becoming really reclusive, and just staying in my room outside of working hours. “I have never experienced anything like this in the UK.

In all my years here, I’ve only heard about it happening once. Jewelry, TVs, computers and everything of value was taken.

Eventually the robber was caught and my friend’s father was asked if he would forgive the robber or not.

I do know that this type of punishment does not happen often.

Another instance is one time my husband and I met a real estate agent to show us a house we were interested in.

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No one gets their hand cut for petty theft, but when you have a gang who goes around robbing houses, then that punishment comes onto the table.We’ve all heard or read about the strict laws and forms of punishment in Saudi Arabia.

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